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Licensed contractors receive 10% off the list price for DISKFANs and replacement parts. To qualify, provide your Contractor License number in the Business Details form.

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Select installation method

Because Diskfan's weigh under 20 lbs, they can be mounted onto a standard electrical box in the ceiling.

For mounting on a plaster or wallboard ceiling, with or without HVAC ducts. This method requires a support frame, which will be shipped with your Diskfan (in a separate box).

For mounting onto the suspended ceiling frame with or without HVAC ducts. This support frame will be shipped with your Diskfan (in a separate box).

Special parts are packed in the Diskfan carton to permit the Diskfan to be suspended 7' to 12' from the floor. The unit cannot be connected to the HVAC system.

For more information about the possible installation methods, please see pages 4 - 7 of the User's Guide.

Specify voltage

Diskfans are available with 115 volt or 230 volt (60/50 cycles) motors.

Select the fixture housing color

NOTE: The Diskfan unit will come with two sets of foam filters with color-coordinated cloth covers.








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Diskfan Diskfan Fixture Base
Color: Brass
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